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We are now teaching the children how to write a persuasive letter. We will be learning to re-tell a letter from one of the villagers to the dragon.  The villager is trying to persuade the dragon not to eat them.  We will be using this model later to write our own persuasive letter.


For the next two weeks we are learning to write an explanation text....

Why are dinosaurs extinct?

The children are currently learning some of the theories about why dinosaurs became extinct.  The explanation text they are learning is focused on the theory that an asteroid crashed into the earth.  Please could you help your child to learn the text as they will be using this model very closely when writing other explanations about why dinosaurs could have become extinct.  Your help is much appreciated!


Our story this week is:

Over the next three weeks we will be learning to re-tell the story of Monkey See Monkey Do.  We have created a story map and have learned actions to help remember the words.  When we know the story really well we will be adapting it to write our own story.


The more familiar that the children are with the story, the easier they will find this.  We would really appreciate it, if you could encourage your child to tell you this story as many times as they would like! 


Our story this week is:

The Three Little Pigs