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Our Class Targets

This term the children have some new targets for both Maths and Literacy. Throughout the year your child will be made aware of these targets and encouraged to use them to achieve the best they can. The class teacher will be monitoring and assessing your child during the term, and supporting them in reaching these targets. You are welcome, at any stage in the term, to discuss your child's progress with the class teacher. You can support your child's progress towards these targets through everyday activities, games and the use of good questioning. We will be sending home weekly homework challenges and you can find extra ideas and links on our school web pages. 


The targets below have three levels to allow your child to achieve the best they can. 


Must    - what every child must aim to achieve. 

Should - an extension to the must target, something they should still be able to achieve.

Could   - additional challenge which goes slightly beyond expectation. 



Must- be able speak, and then write a simple sentence.

Should- be able to write a simple story.

Could - use some narrative language in their writing.





Must- be able to find half of a number practically.

Should- be able to solve a doubling problem practically.

Could- solve a grouping problem.