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At Stenson Fields Primary School we endeavour to provide high-quality music education, which engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music.  As pupils progress, they will be encouraged to listen to music across a range of genres, discussing its qualities critically, practise and perform solo and group pieces, and create and compose their own pieces of music. Our Music curriculum is currently being reviewed in light of the new government guidance 'Model Music Curriculum' (March 2021). 


Throughout each year all National Curriculum attainment targets are covered, using Charanga Musical School. BBC 10 Pieces and other relevant resources. Whole class instrumental teaching is also prioritised in school, with children starting with the glockenspiel in Y2, progressing to Handbells in Y3 and Pentaglocks in Y4. In Y5 children take part in the Wider Opportunities programme and learn a brass instrument. In summer 2022, we are also planning that our Y6 children will take part in a whole class rock programme 'Ready 2 Rock'! We work closely with the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership, who support us in delivering our music tuition in school as well as providing other opportunities. 


Other Curriculum Music Provision

We aim to enrich and enhance the Charanga and BBC resources with other musical opportunities and experiences whenever possible.


Year 3 complete the Derbyshire Music Partnership unit using Handbells, giving every child the opportunity to play an instrument as part of an ensemble.


In Autumn 2019, Year 3 took part in the Derbyshire Music Partnership Singing Project. A singing teacher has provided four taught whole class singing sessions, with follow-up sessions with class teachers. This culminated in a performance to the rest of the school.


Year 5 are part of the Wider Opportunities scheme, giving every child the chance to learn a brass instrument. Last year Panda and Tiger class very much enjoyed learning the trumpet and trombone!


In 2019, we were lucky enough to have EMCCAN working with us in school on a variety of multicultural music projects. Year 4 took part in a series of drumming workshops, culminating in an exciting performance to parents and pupils, and Year 5 learnt to play the steel pans, demonstrating impressive performance skills.


Assembly Music is carefully selected to expose children to a range of musical styles and genres, and improve the cultural capital of our pupils. Regular singing assemblies in Key Stage 1 and 2 provide opportunities for large-scale singing and enable children to use their voices with improving control and expression.


Extra-curricular Opportunities

We are very proud of our school choir, who have in the past performed at our school harvest festival, and have also been invited to sing for a coffee morning at the local church. It was great to meet members of the local community, and team up with Y2 to entertain them! We are very much looking forward to resuming some of these activities as Covid restrictions begin to ease.





Music Partnership Singing Project

Wider Opportunities Y5