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How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to pupil’s SEN?

The school receives funding for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities through the Local Authority. This funding is to support work with pupils with a statement or EHCP and pupils without. The allocation is made following needs analysis discussions and work between the senior management team and the governors. The funding is used to purchase classroom support and resources.  The school will request GRIPs funding (graduated approach for the individual pupil) or an Education, Health and Care Plan from the local authority when, despite an individualised programme of sustained intervention/ SEND support, the pupil remains a significant cause for concern.  An Education, Health and Care Plan might also be requested by a parent or outside agency.


An Education, Health and Care Plan will normally be provided where, after an assessment, the LA considers the pupil requires provision beyond what the school can offer. However, the school recognises that a request for Assessment does not inevitably lead to an EHCP.