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The CARES Curriculum: Statement of Intent


We are committed to providing…


An inclusive curriculum, where children learn to build positive relationships and develop trust. They grow into considerate and compassionate young people.


A challenging and exciting curriculum, where essential knowledge and skills are combined in a purposeful way. Children will develop their resilience and growth mindset in order to fulfil their potential. We have high aspirations and aim to inspire our learners with positive role models. 


A diverse yet cohesive curriculum, which reflects our school and local community. We develop responsible citizens of the future, who show acceptance of difference and respect for each other.


An engaging and creative curriculum, where children are encouraged to use their imagination. We plan fun, memorable experiences and provide opportunities for play. Children are happy, active and have a love of the outdoors.


A collaborative curriculum, of which we have shared ownership. Children learn to work together within a culture where everybody’s role is valued.