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This half term we will be learning about properties of shapes.

We will be learning how to measure and draw angles with a protractor and then will be moving onto calculating angles.


It is vital that children maintain a quick recall of their times tables as this will enable them to make stronger links across other areas within Maths. Please continue to use Times Table Rock Stars!

Yearly Overview

Yearly Overview 1

Learning Journey

Learning Journey  1 Small Steps - Place Value
Learning Journey  2 Small Steps - Addition and Subtraction
Learning Journey  3 Small Steps - Multiply and Divide
Learning Journey  4 Small Steps- Formal Multiplication and Division
Learning Journey  5 Small Steps- Perimeter and Area
Learning Journey  6 Fractions
Learning Journey  7 Decimals and percentages
Learning Journey  8 Geometry- Properties of shapes
Learning Journey  9 Geometry- Position and Direction


Vocabulary  1


You may like to try some of these games to help practice and develop skills we are learning in lessons.