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Vice Chair of Governors

The governing body come together with only one set of interest in mind: The children of Stenson Fields Primary School. Everything we discuss, decide and do is aimed towards improvement of the school, experience and opportunities of the pupils. I feel privileged, particularly as a parent governor, to be part of the team trusted to realise this aim.

We cover all areas of the schools operation, curriculum, direction and improvement during our meetings. Every governor has an equally valued voice. It's always rewarding to see how the efforts of the teachers, school leadership team and governing body are translated into the classroom. Governors attend learning walks - short observations throughout all classes focused on a specific area (such as 'the learning environment') to see how this concept evolves throughout the year groups to meet the needs of the children.

I started as a parent governor, which requires no particular skills set other than a genuine interest in your child's school and a desire to help make it a better place. Full training opportunities are made available to bridge any specific knowledge gaps, however, many skills, whether they be life skills or professional are transferable.

I would encourage any parent to consider applying for a post of parent governor when vacancies are advertised in the school newsletter.


Mr David Missin