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We aim to develop children’s skills, enjoyment and confidence in physical activity and introduce them to the pleasures of sport to help develop active children who benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Through a multi-skills approach, children develop their skills in games, as well as athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming. In some classes, Specialist PE teachers are available to work with the children on specific skills, and also run lunch time activities for the children.


At the beginning of the 2018 academic year, we introduced a new resource to aid in the development of physical education - Real PE.

What is 'real PE'?


The vision of Real PE is to "create a positive relationship with physical activity for life." They hope that this is achieved through their "unique and inclusive approaches"...which will..."develop essential behaviours, physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills in all young children".


There are six elements that PE will focus on:

  • Personal;
  • Social;
  • Cognitive;
  • Creative;
  • Physical;
  • Health & Fitness.


Within the teaching of these areas, there is an ongoing focus on the fundamental movement skills (Agility, Balance and  Coordination).


Sports Funding Expenditure - 2019 2020

Sports Funding Expenditure - 2018 2019

Tri Golf 2018

As part of the School Sports Funding, all children within school are taking part in Tri-Golf during Spring 2018.

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