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Who are the I-Vengers?

What is an I-Venger?


1. We are leaders in online safety

2. We are going to help everyone else learn about online safety – including the teachers!

3. We are going to help everyone make safer choices online

4. We are going to help people make the right decisions online

5. We are going to share our knowledge with the whole school

What are our tasks?

This spring we have been working hard to write a script, audition potential cast members, film and edit an I-Vengers movie!

The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! We present to you, "Roblox @ Stenson", an I-Vengers production.

Roblox @ Stenson by the I-Vengers

Stenson's Online Safety Top Tips

The whole school has been involved in putting together these top tips. Each class, from EYFS all the way to year 6 sent the i-vengers one or two online safety tips. The i-vengers have picked the 12 most important and created this handy guide. These are displayed in school and referred to during computing lessons. It would be great if you could share them at home as well!

Our first task was to do an assembly to introduce ourselves and tell everyone about the I-Vengers.

You can find our PowerPoint from the assembly below.



Safer Internet Day 2022

This year's theme was "All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online" The whole school took part in a range of  exciting Safer Internet Day activities related to respectful online relationships. We  had a great day learning and sharing how to be responsible digital citizens.  


Our early years explored some of the ways in which the internet can be used to communicate. They discussed the different technology they have and how they use it for communication.

Year 2

Our year 2s read some traditional tales with a online safety twist! They thought about what they need to keep safe online and how to be caring, responsible digital citizens.

Year 3

Our year 3s spent the day discussing the theme and shared way in which sometimes the internet isn't always fun and games. They shared tips on what to do if they are upset, worried or frustrated by anything that happens online. After, they designed an online safety mascot that would appear during games and support players.

Year 4

The year 4 designed some attractive and informative "Gamer Guides" with rules on how to be safe, caring and respectful when playing online games. They also explored what to do when communicating online, discussing when and how you should ignore, report or block other users.

Year 6

Our year 6s discuss what makes an online relationship respectful and what they can do to be the best digital citizens they can be! They wrote their own recipes for respectful relationships and also designed gaming mascots.