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We are proud to have children representing several different religions attending our school.  We make time to celebrate  all sorts of festivals that our pupils and their families will be celebrating, enabling real life enjoyable learning experiences. We follow the Derbyshire Agreed Syllabus for RE which encourages pupils to study beliefs, teachings and ways of living. Children can explore a range of responses to questions of identity, meaning, purpose, values and commitments. In the process they can examine and reflect upon their own ideas and values. Understanding people’s beliefs can be a first step to recognising and appreciating diversity. Children are able to ask big questions about life and discuss their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment.
RE is taught as discreet sessions each week or special themed days across the school. It includes a wide variety of activities including visits and visitors.

We like to use a variety of resources and artefacts to engage children.

We have good links with the Stenson Fields Christian Fellowship

Curriculum map showing the units to be taught each half term by each year group