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Follow Our Learning 2020-21

1.7.21 We have been responding to the story 'Don't spill the milk' by making marks with paint.

10.6.21 We have been practising our brushwork in Art today

27.5.21 We have designed and made our own hand puppets - don't they look brilliant!

27.5.21 We have been learning about the importance of road safety

25.5.21 We had a fantastic day doing art, dance and music with a special visitor as part of our Africa topic.

10.5.21 There has been a creature on the loose at school so we have been writing instructions for how to trap a wolf!

20.5.21 In science we have been making amazing habitats for a range of creatures.

30.4.21 We have completed our Captain Tom 100 Challenge!

28.4.21 In music we have been learning to play the Xylophone

23.4.21 Look at our amazing animal hand puppets. We loved doing sewing.

23.4.21 In Maths this week we have been looking at measuring length

20.4.21 Before Easter we wrote to the Queen and have just received a reply from Buckingham Palace! How Exciting!

19.4.21 We had to follow clues to find out what our new topic this term was - it is Africa!

26.3.21 We have been learning about the book Lost and Found in English and have written a letter to the author.

24.3.21 We have been writing about things we are grateful for in PSCHE

12.3.21 We have been producing some fantastic work inspired by the book 'Journey'

12.3.21 Check out our amazing World Book Day Costumes

Ready for Christmas jumper day!

We had a a fabulous time making and decorating crowns ready for our Christmas party!

Eating our delicious Christmas dinners together - we even pulled crackers and told jokes!

11.12.20 We have been using book creator on the ipads to photograph and enhance our own stories.

We've been busy developing our fine motor skills and relaxing with some playdoh mindfulness exercises.

9.12.20 We have also been sculpting clay spiral hearts

8.12.20 We have been making rainbow pin badges as part of our school Arts week

4.12.20 We've been observing the progress of our investigation into what plants need to grow and recording our observations.

4.12.20 A naughty visitor from the North Pole has joined us this week and is making themselves at home!

3.12.20 We're having a go at the 12 days of Christmas reading challenge!

2.12.20 As part of our Design and Technology project this week we have been making and taste testing our own smoothies.

1.12.20 We've been learning about coins and money in Maths

27.11.20 We've been planning our stories reading to create our own digital books in computing.

25.11.20 We've been taking our learning outside of the classroom and into the sensory garden this week.