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PSHE is taught as a discreet subject but is also integrated through other subjects across the curriculum. We place great importance on helping children to learn the knowledge, understanding and skills required to live healthy, safe, responsible and rewarding lives. We recognise that in order for children to achieve their full academic potential they must also develop socially, emotionally and morally.


We currently use the PSHE scheme 'PSHE Matters' to plan and teach PSHE lessons.  The RSE currilcumum is taught within the topics of 'PSHE Matters' and has be planned in collaboration with teachers and parents.  Certain aspects of PSHE are taught through science (e.g. human reproduction) and the computing curriculum (i.e. online safety).  Please refer to the long term plan to see what your child is learning and when.  This will also be detailed on your child's class topic web each term (see class pages)  The curriculum summaries give slightly more detail about what is covered, please see your child's class teacher if you require further information.



Science curriculum links with PSHE Matters unit 'Growing Up''