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Our Eco Reps this year started off as:

Iguana Class

Myah and Ben

Gecko Class


Chameleon Class


Turtle Class


Robin Class


Penguin Class


Toucan Class


Owl Class


Panda Class


Tiger Class


Dolphin Class


Zebra Class



* There have been some changes to this as the year has gone on...but thanks to all those who have helped with eco projects.

We made our school a 'Hedgehog friendly' environment as we realised there were hedgehogs already here!

We made our school a 'Hedgehog friendly' environment as we realised there were hedgehogs already here! 1

The Wildlife Garden Project - How to help hedgehogs in your garden The Wildlife Garden Project shows you how to help hedgehogs in your garden. Hedgehogs are in decline in the UK, but this video shows you a few simple things you can do to help our prickly friends. Always remember to provide hedgehogs with fresh water.

Our main area is the sensory garden. We are always working to keep it tidy, safe, inviting and ensure it is eco -friendly. These are some of the jobs we have done in there:


* Seating area for whole class outdoor learning

* Planting areas for vegetables and herbs

* Wild areas to encourage wildlife, more wild flower seeds sown

*Tunnels for hedgehogs to roam between different garden

* Hedgehog house

* Log piles for mini beasts

* New grass seed planted on a bare area

*Two compost bins (one close to the playground to be used for fruit)

* Some decorative stones positioned.

*** A new water butt is ready to go...we just need some help from a grown-up maintenance person!


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Picture 2
Picture 3
We have done some learning about how important it is to reduce the amount of plastic we use. In our garden, the Eco team have made an arch from old milk containers as a reminder about plastic waste. We recommend you and your family watch 'War on plastic with Hugh and Anita' on the BBC iplayer.

We have achieved the Eco-Schools Silver award!