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Our Trip to the Zoo

We went to the airport!

Super Shoesday!

We Released Our Butterflies!

Learning Through Our Play

A.C.E.S Day

Learning About Doubling

Making Spring Pictures

Learning about the Lifecycle of a Butterfly

Our caterpillars have arrived!

Learning about Jack and the Beanstalk

Science Week!

World Book Day

Making sandwiches (linked to learning about instructions)

Celebrating Number Day

Morning Challenge Addition using dots
Going on a number hunt
Making numbers with our bodies

Exploring Vegetables

Visit from the Owls

Christmas Nativity

The Nativity
Kings and Camels
Inn Keepers
Shepherds and Sheep
Donkey, Joseph and Star

Our Learning Choices

Being creative
Role playing in the toy shop
Recognising numbers
In the reading corner
Acting out our story
Making playdough gingerbread men

Our Talk for Writing Actions

Talk for Writing Gingerbread Man Story

Our story map of the Gingerbread man
The oral rehearsal toolkit helps us to retell
We changed some of the characters in the story
Our story mountain

Making Gingerbread Men

Mixing the ingredients for the gingerbread men
Rolling out the dough
Using cutters to make the shape
We baked them in the oven
After lunch they had vanished!
Think about where they had gone
We found some floury footprints
We followed them to find the gingerbread men

Having fun with Balance Bikes

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our talk for writing story map.
Cutting skills making bowls of porridge.
Matching different size objects to the right bear.
Learning to use a paintbrush.
Acting out the story using stick puppets.

Our Brilliant Homework

Our Three Little Pigs Homework.
The children used a range of media.
Fantastic brick, stick and straw house pictures.
We are very proud of our work!

Signs of Autumn

Watching the leaves change colour.
Learning about hibernation - sensory garden guest!
Painting a picture of the hedgehog.
Making leaf rubbings of Autumn leaves.

Our First Week at School

Making new friends.
Exploring our classroom.