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How are decisions made about how much support my child will receive?

If your child is identified as needing a particular intervention, this does not mean that they will be placed on the SEND register but the details of this support will be documented in a provision map.  The progress made during the intervention will be measured and discussed with parents.  If a child needs an individual support plan (formerly an I.E.P) then discussion between the class teacher, SENCO and parents at the SEND support plan meeting will determine how much time/support your child will receive.  This will be monitored on a termly basis or more often if necessary and the level of support adapted as required.  Through discussion with the class teacher, SENCO and parents, it may be deemed necessary to refer the pupil to an outside agency to seek further advice and support with regards to how to support them.  If GRIPS (extra funding) or an EHC plan (formerly a statement) is requested then the SENCO will request a certain monetary amount to support your child.  In the application, they will document how this funding would be spent and the local authority decide whether this funding is given or not.  If a child has GRIPS or EHCP funding, this will be reviewed annually and adapted according to their needs and with agreement from the local authority.