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Follow Our Learning 2021 - 2022

Celebrating the Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee

We love the sunshine!

It has been so lovely to see the sunshine making an appearance recently and the shoots on the trees change to leaves! We have had so much fun outside playing hopscotch, riding the bikes and scooters, developing our climbing skills, investigating with the water toys and enjoying lots of other learning choices under the beautiful blue sky! 

We have frog spawn!!

Science Week!


During science week we have taken part in a science challenge. We are exploring ways to make a floating garden. Then we had a discussion about how to make a floating garden. After that we investigated what materials could float and sink so that we could find a material that would float and plant seeds in to make a garden. We made predictions about what material we thought would sink and float.
In the end it turned out that polystyrene tray would float on water and we could plant seeds in it.
We had fun experimenting!




Today we came to school in our space costumes which we had made at home ready for the trip to the International Space Station!

Thank you for all the effort that went into these costumes, the children looked amazing and we were very impressed by the creativity, time and patience that went into them.

We sat in chairs in our classroom that we put into rows, strapped our seatbelts in and made sure we were safe, turned the lights off and counted down... 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!
The journey was very bumpy and we enjoyed watching the virtual video of a rocket launch on the screen. We looked out the window and could see the planets, the stars, the moons, an asteriod, a comet and a meteor!

When we got to the International Space Station, we had a virtual tour of the inside where we learned that the astronauts can sleep on the ceiling and eat dried food for their snacks. We ate our snack in our rocket ship and then enjoyed playing in the space station in our classrooms.

Next... are there dinosaurs up here?

Childrens Mental Health Week - Growth. 

We read The Hungry Caterpillar and shared ideas about how we have grown!

Making Pancakes!!

Number day !


Today is number day and we have been learning all abut numbers. For our morning challenge we wrote our numbers to 20 and we did lots of exciting activities to practise out numbers. 

Everyone is wearing something with a number on. Some of us even MADE our own number t-shirt! 

Have a look at our pictures to see our hard work. 

Making Sandwiches!!


This week we are learning about instructions! We read the instructions on how to make a sandwiches and followed them to make our own sandwiches! It was so much fun!!

Chinese New Year

The year of the TIGER! ROOOOAAARRRR!!!


We found out about the 12 animals that make up the Chinese Zodiac, how families prepare for Chinese New Year and the different things they do to celebrate. We coloured some pictures of tigers and decorated lanterns. We made a river outside with blue chalk and pretended to race like the animals in the story. We used the crates to make boats to help us to cross the river! What a great day! smiley

Can you remember the 12 different animals who took part in the race?

Our Science Experiment!

This term our topic is are you afraid of the dark. We are learning about winter animals and this week some of them got frozen in some ice! We needed to rescue them so predicted different ways that we could make them melt. We left some outside in the sunshine. We left some on the radiator. We held some in our hands to see if they would melt from the heat of our hands. We used heat from the hairdryer to melt them. We put some in hot water. After that, we all voted to see which way of experimenting would be the fastest. This was our prediction. The hairdryer was the fastest!

Special Places

In RE this term we are learning about places that are special to us. We started off by exploring our school grounds to find special places in our school. We found the library, the MUGA, our huge school field, the sensory garden, the trim trail and the Year 1 outside area. We will be finding out about different places of worship and who they are special to over the next few weeks.

Fun in January 2022

Guru Nanak's birthday.

We learnt about Guru Nanak and how special he is to Sikhs. We had two visitors from year 5 who came to talk to us about their religion which was really lovely. The children listened so respectfully and asked some fantastic questions! It was great to share our experiences with children from another year group and learn together. heart

Diwali fun!

We had lots of fun celebrating Diwali! We made sparkly divas, danced to some bhangra music, listened to some stories and did lots of exciting arts and crafts activities throughout the day! We had a great time!

Our topic for Autumn is 'People Who Help Us'.

As a hook to our topic learning, we were visited by 2 local police officers who very kindly took the time out of their busy schedule to come and teach us about their job.
They talked to us in the hall and showed us their uniforms. Some of us got to try on their hats, jackets and helmets! They were a little bit too big but we loved it. We had a go at speaking into the real radios and got the chance to ask lots of questions. 
We learned what they wear and why, we learned what vehicles they might travel in and we got to see them drive their van before we all had a turn at getting inside!
Thank you so much to the police for coming today! We had an amazing time.

Here are some pictures of the special day.