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Maths is taught daily in all classes. There are also opportunities to practise key skills in C-Time (Calculation time), and to apply learning in cross curricular maths activities. The mathematics curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics including the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. Children are taught to reason mathematically, solve problems and apply their mathematical skills in a variety of real life contexts.


White Rose Maths Hub and the NCETM


Our lessons are planned to incorporate the activities outlined by the 'White Rose Maths Hub' documents. These documents allow our staff to plan sessions involving rich and diverse reasoning and problem solving activities.

The NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) has produced documents which provide activities for our staff to deliver which allow children to demonstrate their depth of knowledge towards the objectives. We use these as a vital tool in assessment.


Calculation Policy


The school has an updated calculation policy that reflects the renewed focus on providing children with opportunities for practical maths before they engage with abstract problems.


Our policy adapts the approaches being taught in countries like Singapore where children experience 'concrete' mathematical activities which they then begin to represent with 'pictorial' representations. Once the children are comfortable with these approaches they are then introduced with the more recognisable 'abstract' problems.