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Our Maths Overview for this Term


Weeks 1 & 2

Number - Decimals: We will be looking at the place value of decimals, multiplying them by 10, 100 and 1,000, adding and subtracting plus looking at equivalent fractions.


Weeks 3 & 4

Number - Percentages: Here we will find percentages of amounts, investigate what a percentage is, look at generating percentage discounts and solve problems.


Weeks 5 & 6

Number - Algebra: Lots of fun to be had here! We will be investigating missing number problems, looking at how letters can be used to represent unknowns and beginning to write algebraic formula!


Week 7

Measurement - Converting units: In this unit we will explore how to convert between standard units of measurements.


Weeks 8 & 9

Measurement - Perimeter, Area and Volume: Here we begin to calculate the perimeters and areas of polygons and investigate patterns. We will also consider how to find the volume of 3D shapes.


Weeks 10 & 11

Number - Ratio: In this unit we look at how ratio can be used to help calculate changes to ingredients lists, we see if we can solve problems involving known ratios of things like boys to girls.

Our Learning Journey - Small Steps

New Maths Vocabulary

Math Antics - Decimal Place Value

Percentage of an amount

Place Value Song (Rude by MAGIC! Parody)

Column Method (Addition of 3 Digits) - Key Stage 2 Maths Help

Column Method (Subtraction) - Key Stage 2 Maths Help