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Hi Year 4,


Half-term has come around surprisingly quickly, with today being Bank Holiday Monday! This week, we have a theme of 'The Olympics' and have a range of fun activities for you to take part in, if you choose.


Wow - thank you again for the amazing work that has been added to Seesaw. Sorry if we haven't replied quickly this week, but myself and Mrs Middleton-Rees have been in school all week as part of our staff duty rotas for the key worker children. We had a lovely time, with the theme of 'Rainforest' for our artwork and for the rest of the time, working from the different year group grids, which has been fun. On Seesaw this week, we have seen... more pictures of the beautiful cygnets and swans,  stories, Willy Wonker's factory, comics, snowy owls, sound hunts, chalk drawings of the Electric Wild Cat, swimming practice (in a hot tub!), handwriting practice and lots of other amazing activities that you have been getting up to at home. Thank you for all of your hard work.


For Maths, there is no White Rose for this week as it is half-term, so we would like you to have a play on the various games from the website on the grid. We have also added a maths mat to complete; this has a wide range of short maths task, which is similar to the Flashback 4 to go back over skills we have previously learned.


Don't forget about the'Oxford Owl', website that allows you to read lots of books at home which are linked to your school reading level and is FREE. smiley (The link is below).


As always, sending BIG hugs to you all. 


love from Mrs Plimmer, Mrs Middleton-Rees, Mrs Dolphin, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Bullock. xxxxx

Daily Maths Activities

Year 3/4 Spellings