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Dear Parents/Carers,


Unfortunately, due to this year’s circumstances, we are unable to say goodbye to you and your child face-to-face, which is very unusual. Thank you so much for all of your kind support this year and for all the hard work that you have done with your children at home; Seesaw has been amazing to show us what you have been up to. We are truly sad that the year has ended the way it has, but we hope that the time you have spent with your child/children during Lockdown has been rewarding and a time to reflect on family life, spending time together and having lots of fun making long-lasting memories.


To all the children:

It has been an incredible journey and we are so proud of you all. You have worked so hard and have made so much great progress this year.  We have shared many wonderful memories such as staying at Pine Lake taking part in the fun activities (canoeing, archery, fire building, amazing lunches, etc.) Spending a day with Rainforest Dave and all his creatures and tales of times in the rainforest. Don’t forget to look back on our Year 4 website, where we posted pictures of the year – it’s great to remind yourselves of what we did this year.


We are so proud of how much you have grown in learning -keep up the great work!  You make teaching the greatest job in the world and we will always remember all you shared with us this year.  You have given your classmates smiles, helping hands, compliments, care and concern every single day – remember to continue this positivity in Year 5 with your new teachers. Remember you can always give us a smile and wave to us next year (we are only ‘up the corridor!’)


It is hard to say goodbye, after such a strange few months but we all have to move on and take the next big step, all the way to Year 5! Wow you are all growing up so fast. We wish you every happiness and hope that you continue to work as hard as you have done in Year 4.


Over the summer, spend time Relaxing, Reading (taking you to places new) and Remembering what is important in life.


As always, sending BIG hugs to you all,


Mrs Julia Plimmer (Owl Class), Mrs Alison Middleton-Rees (Toucan Class) and Mrs Sangeeta Dolphin, Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Bullock (Teaching Assistants)



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