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*** White Rose Maths worksheets found in extra learning resources or click on the link...   ***

Welcome to the Year Two Home Learning page!

We will upload new activity grids for you to complete. 

Don't forget to keep reading and logging onto Spelling Shed and TTRS. 


Miss Honeybun, Mrs Cruise and Mrs Hagues x 

Hello everyone,


We hope you are all OK. Just a quick update on a few things.  School is open and we have a few more children in this week. They are still working on the same learning grids as you and are all helping to keep each other safe.  School feels very strange but we are all making the best of it and looking after each other. We have assembly using Zoom instead of going into the hall which is really cool!


It has been so lovely to see a few more of you sending us messages on Seesaw recently so thank you for that.  You don't just have to send us work though, some of you have sent us videos of new pets, learning to ride your bikes, walks in the countryside and all of the other lovely things you are getting up to at home.


Take care everyone. 

Love from The Year 2 Team. 



Hi everyone,


We hope you are all OK. The staff are all back in school now.  Some are working with the key worker children and from next week , some of the Year 1 children are back in school too.  It is very strange for us all but we are working together as a team and making sure we keep each other as safe as we can.


The classrooms look very different now Everyone has their own desks and we are all in very small bubbles to keep each other safe. We now have three different staff rooms and we don't get to see the staff or children from other bubbles.  There are no school assemblies, no eating in the dining hall, and no play times or lunchtimes together.  It is very different but we are all trying to adjust to the new normal!


The children in school are also working from the same learning grids as those of you still at home so you are not missing out. 


Thanks to all of you who are keeping in touch on Seesaw. We really miss your smiling faces in school. This place is not the same without you all.  heart


Keep smiling, keep each other safe and take care.

Lots of love, The Year 2 Team. Xx



Hi Chameleons and Turtles,


How are you all? We hope you are all OK and enjoying the beautiful weather. We are still missing you all lots.heart


Thanks for all of the messages and pictures on Seesaw again this week. They have made us smile. smiley

If you haven't managed to add anything, don't worry. We will look forward to chatting to you about what you got up to at home when we are eventually back at school.yes


Keep trying hard with TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and reading whenever you can. 

It is half term next week although that feels very strange to say when most of you haven't been at school for a long time. Have a look at the new activity grid for over half term. It is all based around the Olympics so it should be fun!  Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the sun keeps shining! Remember your sun cream!


For now, be kind, keep smiling and try to keep your brain busy.

Lots of love, The Year 2 team. Xx



Hi everyone,


We hope you managed to have a lovely weekend with your families. Mrs Bunting and Miss Sheppard say hello and they are thinking of you all too. 


Thanks to all of you who have sent us messages or photographs on Seesaw of your home learning or of any other exciting stuff that you have been getting up to at home. If you haven't logged on yet, give it a go this week if you can so we can say hello!  


Keep up the hard work on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed - keep your brain working when you can!

Remember, the learning grids and links are on here for you too for you to work on as and when it is right for your family.


We hope you all have a good week and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Love from the Year 2 team. Xx



Hi Year 2,


We hope you have had a positive week whatever you have been up to. Thanks again for the messages on Seesaw. Once again your posts have brightened up our days. We are still really missing you all and hope that you are all still smiling.  smiley


Some of you have been really busy working at home and this is great. Keeping your brain busy will help to keep you happy. There are lots of new links that have been added to our home learning page for you to try. Remember you can add examples of your work onto Seesaw if you would like us to see them. Don't feel you have to put everything on there though. Everyone is different and that's fine. yes


There are lots of activities and links available to help you and your parents with home learning. However, please don't feel like we are expecting you to be doing them all. If you choose to do lots that's amazing but we understand that each family is different and that some Mummies and Daddies are busy working too. We also understand that working at home is a little bit strange and sometimes we don't feel as motivated as we do at school.  Please be kind to yourselves. The most important thing is that we all stay as calm and as happy as we can until these strange days pass.  heart  With an adult you could try learning to wash the pots, doing a bit of gardening, tying shoelaces, tidying up. These are all types of home learning too - real life skills that we often don't get time to focus on when normal life is so busy.  


We hope you all have a lovely weekend. Stay safe, stay at home and look after each other. Xxx

Miss Honeybun, Mrs Cruise and Mrs Hagues. XX



Well, another week down and the sun is still shining!  In school, the children and staff have been celebrating Mrs Girn's 60th birthday which is next week.  If any of you would like to make her a card to give to her when we go back to school, she would really love it. heart 


The children who have been at school have been doing lots of activities based around nature. They are trying to make the most of the sunshine too and spending lots of time outdoors. If you have been in school, we hope you have a lovely weekend with your family, staying safe at home.


We would love to see what you have been getting up to at home so remember to send us a message on Seesaw. It is a really great way to keep in touch.  Thanks to those of you who have already done this - it really does cheer us up when we see how you are keeping busy!yes


Finally, remember to keep looking at the reading Facebook page. There are lots of lovely stories on there read by Stenson staff and it's another great way to stay connected with school.


Until next week, stay safe, stay at home and keep your brains busy!  

Love Mrs Cruise, Mrs Hagues and Miss Honeybun. XXX





Hi everyone,


We are all OK and we hope you are too.  We miss you lots and really wish we could all go back to school!  Well done to everyone who has been working hard on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed again this week - we are trying really hard to keep your growing brains ticking along.heart  Turtles, let's see of you can win next week!  Look out for the certificates for this week's stars!


Seesaw is now up and running. It has been so lovely to see the photographs and messages that some of you are sending us.  A massive thank you for these - they make us really happy.  It is great to be able to communicate with you all. If you haven't logged onto it yet, have a try with an adult when you can and send us a 'hello' - we would really love to hear from all of you.yes


We are updating the learning grids each week and we are trying really hard to add lots of fun activities for you to do at home.  We are doing lots of these with our families too! We would love to hear about what you have been up to on Seesaw.


There will be another story added to the private reading group soon. It would be really great if you could have a listen as this will help you with your English work.


We realise that some of your Mummies and Daddies are busy working too.  It is a tricky time for everyone and we don't want them to be worrying if they haven't got lots of time to be helping you with your school work.  Please tell them not to worry - lots of the activities can be done without adult help and the most important thing at the moment is that we all stay at home when we can, stay safe, look after each other and be as happy as we can. We hope you all manage to have a lovely weekend and keep smiling everyone. We're all in this together.heart


Lots of love from Miss Honeybun, Mrs Cruise and Mrs Hagues. Xx



Hi Year 2,

Can you believe it’s week 3 already?  It’s going to be a bit of a strange Easter holiday but if the weather is nice, we hope you all manage to get outside wherever you safely can and have some outdoor adventures!  Assault courses, den building, painting with water and a paintbrush, skipping and hide and seek are all great fun! yes


Some of you have been really busy on TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed and we will be putting certificates on here for those of you who are working exceptionally hard!  Look out for your names and keep up the amazing effort! We are really proud of you! Congratulations to Chameleon class for winning the class challenge last week! Come on Turtles – see if you can beat them this week! smiley


We would also like to remind you about Seesaw. This allows you to send us messages, phots of your work or any exciting things you get up to at home.  We were all so excited when we got our first notifications from some of you on Monday.  It’s such a great way for us all to keep in touch and it means we can respond to you all personally so you all know we are still really missing you all and thinking of you lots!   Mrs Cruise sent out your log in details on Monday so you should all be good to go when you are ready. No rush – we know you are on holiday for a couple of weeks!

We also have families at home that need us to look after them too, so we will log on as much as we can.  Bear with us if we don’t reply straight away. Sometimes we will respond as soon as you post if we are working and logged on but if it takes a couple of days, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten – please be patient with us.heart


Finally, for those of you that celebrate it, we wish you all a very happy Easter.  If the Easter bunny doesn’t quite make it to your house this year, we are sure there will be lots of chocolate waiting for us all when things get back to normal.


Lots of love everyone. Take care of each other, be kind and keep smiling. Xxxx




Good afternoon everybody! 


TTRockstars 'battle of the classes' winner is... CHAMELEON CLASS!  laugh

Well done everyone who logged on and took part in the battle. Check out the certificate page for the 'most valuable player' certificates. 


Hope you all have a lovely Easter. 


Love Miss Honeybun, Mrs Cruise and Mrs Hagues x  





Hi again everyone!


It's nearly the end of week 2 and we are still missing you!  It has been lovely to see some smiley faces on the school Facebook reading group pages.  If you haven't already seen any of the stories read by adults from our school, ask your adults at home to join the group and then you will be able to listen to lots of different stories over the next few weeks.smiley 


Mrs Cruise has been busy in school this week and Miss Honeybun and Mrs Hagues have been busy working at home finding lots of fun activities for you to do.  A massive thank you to those of you who have been busy on TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed, completing White Rose Maths activities or working on some of the fun activities on your learning grids.  We are really proud of you all!yes


We hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Keep your brains busy, keep smiling and be kind.heart

Love from Mrs Hagues, Miss Honeybun and Mrs Cruise. xxx



Hi everyone,


It's your teachers here! We hope you are all enjoying the sunshine - it's a beautiful day!  We would like you all to know that we are really missing all of your little smiley faces and funny stories.  We are not enjoying being away from school and we can't wait until we can welcome you all back!


We are working at home to make sure that we keep in touch with you all and we will be adding fun learning activities on here to keep you all busy.  We hope you are being helpful to your adults at home - we all need to be kind to each other.heart


For now, stay safe, stay at home when you can and keep smiling.smiley


Love Mrs Cruise, Miss Honeybun , Mrs Hagues, Brodie the dog and Snowy the guinea pig. Xx