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Week 9 - 18th May

Year 3 Home Learning – 18th May 2020


Talk for Writing

Reread ‘The Truth About Trolls’ on p.4-6 of the Talk for Writing booklet and complete ‘Drop-in Game’ on p.13.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

It’s your turn! You’re going to plan your own non-chronological report about trolls. Use p.14-15 in the booklet.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Today you are going to write your information on trolls! Use p.16 to remind you what to include. Can you add some pictures?

(see link)

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Read a book from Oxford Owl ebooks – find one for your reading level.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson. (see link)

The worksheets and answers are below.

‘Patterns and Sequences’

Outdoor Activity

(see activity card below)

TT Rock Stars


How many ways can you make £1 using coins?

Always, sometimes, never:

If you add together 2 odd numbers your answer will be odd.

Topic and Other Activities

Read the information on the Derbyshire inventor Richard Arkwright (see below, p.1&2).


Create a factfile about Richard Arkwright

(see below)

Weaving was done at Arkwright’s mill. Have a go at some paper weaving.

(see instructions below)

Design a book token and perhaps even enter the competition.

(see link and form below)

Have a go at the BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home Music Lesson

(see link)

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)

Design a 5-minute game that could be considered physical exercise – you can include music to help get you moving.

How might Christians show their faith? EG - Where might they worship, what holy book might they read? Record your findings as an information page.

What does everyone in your house eat for breakfast? Whose would you consider the healthiest? Design a health breakfast for children and perhaps have a go at making it!


Draw a picture of a:





Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘The Truth About Trolls’ Talk for Writing booklet -


National Book Token Design Competition -


BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home’ Music Lesson -



Patterns and Sequences - Outdoor Maths

Paper Weaving Instructions

Design a Book Token