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Week 8 - 11th May

Year 3 Home Learning – 11th May 2020


Talk for Writing

Reread ‘The Truth About Trolls’ on p.4-6 of the Talk for Writing booklet and draw your own text map for it.

(see link).

Talk for Writing

Complete ‘Add-on Adverbs Game’ on p.10-11 of the Talk for Writing booklet. You can do this in your learning journal.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Complete ‘The Engaging Adverbs Game’ on p.12 of the Talk for Writing booklet. You can do this in your learning journal.

(see link)

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Read a book from Oxford Owl ebooks – find one for your reading level.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson (see link)


*The worksheets and answers are now on our school website (see below)*

‘2D Shape Hunt’


(see activity card below)

TT Rock Stars – compete in the

Year 3 vs Year 5 battle!

Divide a 2 digit number by a 1-digit number by making your own place value counters out of card/paper. Once you have had a go with counters, practise short division drawing out the counters.

Make a time table of activities you do this week.

What time do they start? What time do they end? What do you spend the longest time doing?


Look at the examples of ‘Human Geography’ and ‘Physical Geography’.

What human and physical features can you see around your local area?

Captain Tom walked 100 lengths of his garden.

How many lengths of your garden (or a room inside) can you walk? Can you beat Captain Tom?

Don’t have any dice at your house?

Make an origami dice!

(See link)

Why do we need food?

Write a list of as many answers as you can think of. Draw a picture of your body and label how food helps your body.

Make a self-portrait nature collage.

See example below.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)

How is Stenson Fields different from Derby city? How are they the same?

Challenge: put your answers in a Venn diagram.

What do you think your skeleton is for?

Do you know the names of any of your bones?

How could you find out?

Plan a healthy meal for your family.

Draw it on a plate and label.

Practise saying how you are in French – see activity card


Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘The Truth About Trolls’ Talk for Writing booklet -


Short division -


Make an Origami Dice -

Origami Dice

2D Shape Hunt

Physical and Human Geography

Nature Self-Portrait