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Week 7 - 4th May

Year 3 Home Learning – 4th May 2020



Talk for Writing

Read the information text ‘The Truth About Trolls’ on p.4-6 of the Talk for Writing booklet.

(see link)


Talk for Writing

Complete ‘What do the words mean’ on p.7 of the Talk for Writing booklet. You can do this in your learning journal.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Complete ‘The Adjective Game’ on p.8 of the Talk for Writing booklet. You can do this in your learning journal.

(see link)

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Read a book from Oxford Owl ebooks – find one for your reading level.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson (see link)

‘Counting Petals’


(see activity card below)

TT Rock Stars – compete in the

Robin vs. Penguin battle!

How fast can you recite or write your 8 times tables? Try again each day. Did you beat your score?

Use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the length of 8 objects.

Which is the longest?

Can you put them in order of length?


Draw a map or plan of your bedroom.

Add a key to show what the different things are.

Use a dictionary or the internet to find out what these words mean and write a definition for each:

city, town, suburb, village.

Design and make a physical maze with a small character. You could use cardboard boxes, toilet rolls or anything else around the house Write the directions for the character to complete.

Mrs Derbyshire has worked in Stenson Fields for a long time. Write some questions you would like to ask her about how it has changed. Post them on Seesaw and we will send them to her!

Have a go at mark making to music, just like Kandinsky! See link.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)

Use a dice to make a circuits fitness course. For each number think of an exercise.

E.g. 1 = hop x10

2 = ???

Give it to someone in your house to try out!

7th May is Buddha Day. Find out some information about how Buddhists celebrate.


8th May is VE Day. Find out what this is and why we celebrate it.

Make a list of kind things you could say to someone. Try and say 3 of them by the end of the week.

Write the French greeting and the English translation – see activity card


Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘The Truth About Trolls’ Talk for Writing booklet -


Mark Making to music -

French Matching Activity

Maths Outdoor Activity