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Week 6 - 27th April

Year 3 Home Learning – 27th April 2020


Read a book recommended by someone else.

Write instructions on how to make your own fruit smoothie.

Write a recount of your week. Tell us about your favourite day and any activities you got up to. Remember to use time adverbials!

Spelling Shed

How many synonyms can you think of for the words sad and happy?

Go for a walk to around your area. What time did you leave? What did you get back? Record how long it took.

Find out how many hours there are in a day. How many hours would you have spent at school in a day? A week?

TT Rock Stars

How fast can you recite or write your 4 times tables. Try again each day. Did you beat your score?

Using a dice roll it twice to create a 2-digit number. Multiply this number by 2, 3 or 4

Find Derby on a map or Google Maps. Make a list of what you can see in and around Derby – EG nearest towns/cities, major landmarks or tourist attractions.

Draw a map of your local area. Use a key to help identify things.

Create a parachute for a toy using things around your house.

What materials did you use?

Which worked best? Can you time how long it took for the parachute to fall?

Using your rocks from last week create a test to find out which is the hardest/softest.

Learn the days of the week in French using the song to help. Challenge – can you create your own song?

Jo Wicks workout – see website link

Invent your own fruit smoothie. Review how it tasted and how you could improve it.

With a partner, hold hands or wrist. Then pass the pass up and down your arms as one person stands and the other sits. How many can you get before dropping the ball?

Finish the sentence:

Being responsible matters because…

Create a musical instrument out of things from your house, get as creative as you can!


Days of the week song -