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Week 5 - 20th April

Year 3 Home Learning – 20th April 2020


Recommend a book to someone and ask them to recommend one for you.

Picture a short story or fairy tale and create a text map.

See example ‘The Gruffalo’.

Write a summary of your week. Tell us about your favourite day and any activities you got up to.

Spelling Shed

Think of 5 different fronted adverbials and then use them to write a sentence.

Challenge – turn it into a short story.

Always, sometimes or Never?

‘The total of 2 consecutive house numbers is always even?’

Test out your thinking by using your house and your next-door neighbour’s house number.

Find out when everyone’s Birthday in your house is and sort them into order from who celebrates theirs first.

TT Rock Stars

Make up or learn a rhyme to help you remember how many days in each month – don’t forget about leap years!

Using a dice roll it three times to create a 3-digit number. Roll it three times again to create another number. Add these together.

Look at pictures of Derby today and Derby from the past (see links). What do you have now that we didn’t used to? What don’t we have anymore?

Go for a walk of your local area and write down or photograph key things you see. EG – shops, post box, park etc.

How fast can you recite or write your 3 times tables? Try again each day. Did you beat your score?

Find 3 - 6 different rocks in your garden and draw them and write what you notice is different about each one.

Keep these for next week.

Have a go at a few of the French games on the link below.

Cosmic Kids Yoga workout – see website link.

We love the Harry Potter and Pokemon ones!

Find out about a famous artist of your choice EG Van Gogh, Picasso, Andy Warhol and have a go at trying to recreate one of their works.

With a partner continuously throw up to 3 balls to each other in a circle. How many throws can you get before dropping it?

Why are rules important? How do they help us? Create a set of classroom rules for us to follow when we return to school.

Find out what happens during Ramadan and why it’s important to Muslims.


Derby Photos:


French Games:


Cosmic Kids Yoga: