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Week 4 - 13th April

Year 3 Home Learning – 13th April 2020


Write a letter to someone. This could be a friend or relative you miss.

Reading - keep reading every day. This can be anything you like; a book, magazine, newspaper even online information.


Create a 10 sentence story.

Spelling Shed

Write a diary about your home learning adventure so far!

Design and make a maze with a small character. How does the character get to the centre? Write the directions for the character to complete.

Go on an insect hunt in your garden. Create a pictogram or bar chart to show your findings.

TT Rock Stars

Draw a pattern or picture only using geometric shapes.

E.g. just using squares, triangles, pentagon etc.

Start with a one digit number and double it, keep going. Write down the sequence of numbers until you can’t go any further.

Draw or paint a portrait. This can be of yourself or a family member.

How many star jumps, sit up and lunges can you do in 1 minute? Compare you score from last time. Create a graph to show the both scores.

Create some ancient Egyptian calculations using hieroglyphics.

Write a message in invisible ink – see challenge card below

Free choice Egyptian project.

Jo Wicks workout – see website link

Create a marble run only using cardboard boxes, tubes and tape/glue.

Draw a picture of your family and label who they are in French. Make sure you include any pets!

Imagine you have been invited to set up a community on a new planet. Write down what you would you need to for them to live and grown happily?

Find out what the 5 Pillars of Islam are.