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Week 3 - 6th April

Year 3 Home Learning – 6th April 2020


Design an Easter Egg and its packaging. Think about how to make it stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Reading - keep reading every day. This can be anything you like: a book, magazine, newspaper even online information.


Draw or paint your favourite animal then create a fact file to share with the class.

Spelling Shed

Choose your favourite fairy tale and write an alternative ending. Or you could rewrite it as another character.

Draw the view from your bedroom window.

Make arrays to show the 8 times tables using objects you find around the house or garden – see the link below for an example.

TT Rock Stars

Make up a 3 digit number (use a dice or ask an adult) How many different ways can you partition it?

Make a cake or something similar with an adult. Make sure you measure out the ingredients carefully!

Using things from around the house. Can you create a bridge that will hold 1 tin can?

Learn to sing or sign ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman – see link for signs

Design your own Pharaoh's Tomb. What would you put in yours? Why?

How many different types of seed dispersal you can find in your garden? Stick them in your home learning journals

Write a story about what you think happened to the Sphinx's nose.

Jo Wicks workout – see website link

Complete a #hometasking task (follow the link) – there is a new one every day!

Practise your colours in French then try the game in the link below.

First Aid – Teach someone in your house how to use the recovery position – watch the link if you have forgotten!


True or False -Easter is just about chocolate eggs?

Find out why Easter is special to Christians.


#Hometasking -


French colours -


Recovery position -


A Million Dream signing video -