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Week 15 - 29 June

Year 3 Home Learning – 29th June 2020



Talk for Writing

Read pages 9-10 and create your own ‘Eye Spy’ poem.

Talk for Writing

‘I Didn’t Know I Would Miss…’ Read the bottom of page 10 and 11 then create your own poem

Talk for Writing

Read pages 12- and 13 then create your own ‘Wishes’ poem.

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Watch Meerkat Mail. Think about a holiday destination you would like to travel to. Write a travel advert for your chosen destination


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson. (see link)

The worksheets and answers are below.

Outdoor Activity

Obstacle Minute Timer. See activity card below and have a go with people in your household.

TT Rock Stars


Buying a Balloon

(See problem below)

Always, sometimes, never:

Every times table fact has two related division facts.

Topic and Other Activities

Watch the video about friction

What will you find in Derby city?

What will you find in Stenson Fields (or wherever you live)?

Put your answers in a Venn diagram.

Watch the Primary Art Class video and make your own ‘found art’ by raiding your recycling.

Do you have any magnets on your fridge? If so give this magnetic material experiment a go.

Have a go at the Derbyshire Home Music lessons. This week select Week 2.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)


Use the link below, click Year 3/4 lesson plans and have a go at lesson 3.

Christianity has lots of different types of churches. Can you find out the main differences between Catholic Christians and other branch of Christianity.

Create a ‘Lockdown Memory Jar’. This could be a real jar or a draw a picture in your learning journal.

French – Find out how to tell us something you like and don’t like in French. Use the worksheet to help.


Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘Lockdown Creative Writing Unit’ Talk for Writing booklet – see pdf


Primary Art Classes -


Coding j2e -


Derbyshire Home Music -




T4W Lockdown Poetry