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Week 14 - 22 June

Year 3 Home Learning – 22nd June 2020



Talk for Writing

Read page 2 of the ‘Lockdown’ Talk 4 Writing booklet and have a go at creating an activity list. It can be made up or real.

Talk for Writing

List Poem. Read through page 3, 4 and top of page 5. Have a go at creating a list poem.

Talk for Writing

‘Word-pictures.’ Read page 5 – 7 and have a go at making a simile poem. Then read pages 7-9 and have a go creating a metaphor poem.

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Watch Ocean Meets Sky

If you could build a boat and sail away to a fantasy land, what would it look like?

Describe your fantasy world and draw it.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson. (see link)

The worksheets and answers are below.

Outdoor Activity

Symmetrical Shape Hunt. See activity card below

TT Rock Stars


One of 36

(see problem below)


Always, sometimes, never:

Multiples in the 9 times table digits always add up to 9.

Topic and Other Activities

Watch the video about vertebrates and invertebrates. Can you sort all the animals that you can think of into vertebrates and invertebrates?

What is a county?

What county do we live in?

How many counties do you know?

How many counties are in England?

Try and create your own surrealist piece playing the art game. See ‘Primary Art Classes’ link below.

Zip Zap Science (see link below). This video was created by 9 Year old ‘Zip Zap’ entirely by himself. Have a go your own science experiment or try one of Zip Zap’s. 

Practise the standing long jump. See instructions and a video below.

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)


Use the link below, click Year 3/4 lesson plans and have a go at lesson 2. Make sure you watch the video to tell you what to do.

22nd June is Windrush Day. Use the link below to create an information page or film a news report about it

Football has restarted in England!

How many ‘keepy-uppies’ can you do?

Can you dribble a ball through some cones and score a goal?

Find out what these countries are in English:

La Chine, l’Irelande, L’Angleterre, L’Ecosse, La France, La Pologne, L’Inde, le Pakistan,

Le pays de Galles.


Ocean Meets Sky 


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘Lockdown Creative Writing Unit’ Talk for Writing booklet –


Primary Art Classes -


Zip Zap Science -


Coding j2e -


Windrush Day -


Vertebrates and invertebrates


Standing long jump