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Week 12 - 8th June

Year 3 Home Learning – 8th June 2020


Talk for Writing

Re-read the story about Trolls from the Talk 4 Writing booklet ‘Rock Trolls’. Then have a go at the Reading Questions on page 9.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Complete the activity ‘Grammar Games’ on page 10 of the Talk 4 Writing booklet.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Adjectives Games– complete the activities on pages 11 – 13 of the Talk 4 Writing booklet.

(see link)

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Read a book from Oxford Owl ebooks – find one for your reading level.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson. (see link)

The worksheets and answers are below.

Outdoor Activity

‘Multiplication Fact Hunt’ See activity card below.


TT Rock Stars


Gomez Pug’s birthday cake was cut into 16 slices. He ate ¼. Later he ate 1/3 of the leftovers. How much cake was left for his friends?

Always, sometimes, never:

If you add 1 to an even number, you will always get an odd number.


Topic and Other Activities

Research local Derbyshire dishes (eg Oatcakes, pikelets, Bakewell tart etc) Have a go at making one if you can!

Derbyshire is home to the Peak District. National Park. Find out what you can about the history of the Peaks.

Have you had any adventures there? Share your stories if you have.

Watch Primary Art Class Video.

Have a go at creating your own ‘bed’ inspired artwork.

Why do we have skeletons? Do any of the bones have special jobs? Have a go at drawing a skeleton and labelling the bones that have special jobs.

Have a go at the BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home Music Lesson


(see link)

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)


Have a go at the ‘Are you SMART online?’ Quiz. There are also some great videos on the page too!

Watch the video about ‘Christian Against Poverty.’ Why do you think Christians and others works hard to help people in their community? What could you do to help people around school?

Our wellbeing is especially important part of keeping healthy. Have a look at the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ picture below. Set yourself a goal to complete an activity from the list. Can you get one for each category?

Play ‘Toucher la Couleur’ (Touch the colour but in French) game with someone in your house.

Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘Stone Trolls’ Talk for Writing booklet -


BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home’ Music Lesson -


Christians Against Poverty-


Are you SMART online? -


Primary Art Class Video -

Multiplication Fact Hunt Outdoor Maths

5 Ways to Wellbeing