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Week 11 - 1st June

Year 3 Home Learning – 1st June 2020


Talk for Writing

Read the story about Trolls on pages 3-6 from the Talk 4 Writing booklet ‘Rock Trolls’.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

Complete the activity ‘What do the Words Mean?’ on page 7 of the Talk 4 Writing booklet.

(see link)

Talk for Writing

What did you think of the story? – complete the activity on page 8 of the Talk 4 Writing booklet.

(see link)

Spelling Shed – look for this week’s new lists.

Read a book from Oxford Owl ebooks – find one for your reading level.

(see link)


Complete a White Rose Maths lesson. (see link)

The worksheets and answers are below.

Find 100!

During your daily exercise collect as many 2-digit numbers as you can. When you get home trying adding and subtracting these numbers until you get (or as close as you can to) 100.

Outdoor Activity


TT Rock Stars


Can you solve the script puzzle and work out hwo to write the number 51?


See picture below

Always, sometimes, never:


The sum of three numbers is odd.


Topic and Other Activities

Watch the BBC Clip – Children Working the Textile Mills.

What where the dangers of working in the Mills?

(see link)

How do we get cotton? Can you find out where cotton comes from?

 Create a ‘Things to look forward to Jar’. Every time you think of something you would like to do in the future add it to the jar. You decorate your jar too using glue and paper.

Design a container that will keep eggs safe when dropped from a 2-metre height.

Have a go at the BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home Music Lesson


(see link)

Cosmic Kids Yoga (see link)

Have a go at some coding with Crunch Monster.

(see link)

Have a look at the Woodlands Church website (see link)

And see what happens at the church. How might this help Christians show their faith?

Have a look at the Eatwell Plate. Can you design a ‘Great British Dinner’ that is balanced and healthy?

Draw a picture of your family and label who is who in French. Challenge can you include any pets?


Oxford Owl ebooks –


White Rose Maths Y3 -  


Cosmic Kids Yoga –


‘Stone Trolls’ Talk for Writing booklet -


BBC ‘10 Pieces at Home’ Music Lesson -


Woodlands Church -


Crunch Monster Coding -


Children Working in the Textile Mill -


Eat Well Plate

Script Puzzle