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Phonics 29th June

Phase 4  consonant cluster of the week 'dr'.

First, revise all your sounds so far using this Power Point document.

Then, revise your tricky words using this Power Point document.

CHALLENGE - Can you find the tricky word 'they' in your books at home? Can you write it? Can you put it in a sentence?

Next, learn the new consonant cluster 'dr'. Can you read these words? Can you write them and put sound buttons on? The consonant cluster 'dr' would have 2 sound buttons because it has 2 phonemes, 'd' and 'r'. The consonant cluster is 'dr'.

Play the roll and read game to practise the 'dr' consonant cluster.

CHALLENGE - if you don't know what any of these words mean, can you find out? You could use a dictionary, a book, the internet, google, or ask your grown ups. Can you put them in a sentence and write it?