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Phonics 1st June

Phase 4  Sound of the week 'sk'

First, revise all your sounds so far using these sound mats. You could ask your grown up to read the sound and you could write it down, then check!

CHALLENGE - Can you find the tricky word 'were' in your books at home? Can you write it? Can you put it in a sentence? 

Next, learn the new sound 'sk'. Can you read these words? Can you write them and put sound buttons on? The sound 'sk' would have 2 sound buttons because it has 2 phonemes, 's' and 'k'. The consonant cluster is 'sk'.

Play the roll and read game to practise reading these words with the 'sk' sound.

CHALLENGE - if you don't know what any of these words mean, can you find out? You could use a dictionary, a book, the internet, google, or ask your grown ups. Can you put them in a sentence and write it?