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Homework Due 20.6.19

Draw a map of your journey to school.


Homework due: 21.3.19

Bring us a cactus! (not real)

We would like you to create a cactus. You can make, draw, paint, collage, sculpt, sew or create it in any other way you want!


Homework Due 14.3.19

Complete spelling sheet for 'ou' words.


No homework this week!

Complete MyMaths and Times Tables Rock Stars.


Homework Due 14.2.19

Complete expanded multiplication sheet.


Homework Due 31.01.19


Complete SPaG sheet


Homework due 24.01.19


Complete 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables practise sheet.


Homework due 17.01.19


Find out some geographical facts about a country with a cold climate.