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Follow Our Learning (2021)

What is Light?

Today, we learnt that light is the fastest thing in the universe. We conducted an experiment and learnt that we need light to see. Without out light, we couldn't see anything.

Making a River

Bread Tasting for Talk for Writing

Design Technology - Levers and Linkages

Stone Age Exhibition

Investigating Magnets

Today we have been testing which materials are magnetic. We found out that some metals are magnetic and some metals are non-magnetic. Also, we found out plastic, cloth, wood, rubber and glass were non-magnetic.


We tried to find out if magnets work through different liquids. We tested, gravy, ketchup and water. The magnet worked through all of them!


We tried to find out how many pieces of paper a fridge magnet could hold. We found it could only hold 3!


We tested which magnet was the strongest by seeing how many paper clips they could hold. We were surprised that the biggest magnet was not the strongest!

Robin Class have been learning how to use dictionaries

We looked up transfer, doomed and slew.


Transfer is a verb and means to move something.


Doomed is an adjective and means you are going to suffer something.


Slew is a verb and means to kill in the past tense.

Learning all about the Iron Age


We were transported back to 1000BC today. We had to think like an Iron Age person. In groups, we had to think about defending our tribe, what jobs we would do, where we would build our hillfort, what we would make out of iron and what we could trade.

Making Equal Groups