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We voted, then drew foxes on our class Zoom meeting this week!

Our Zoom Meet and Greet the Class Drawings of a Winter Child

Home learning Christmas Crafts

Only sweet dreams for year one, now we have our amazing dream catchers!

Making our dream catchers - weaving and knot tying!

In English , our text has information about penguins. We did some investigations about what penguins eat and how they look after their eggs until they hatch.

GECKO CLASS TREAT - Christmas biscuits!

Learning Challenges in November

Happy Diwali!

To celebrate Diwali we learned some dances with sticks and made delicious Diwali sweets!

We got a class treat for 25 class points - Yay! The children voted for a food treat, so we made bears using bread, butter, jam, banana and raisins.

We are reading a new book 'The Somethingosaur'. In the story, the Somethingosaur cannot find his mummy. We had great fun having a game of hide of seek. Some of us were the Somethingosaur and some of us were his mummy!
We made moving animals.

Aboriginal pictures of Australia

We have been learning how to write a biography in English. Today Bob Bear from our story 'We're going on a bear hunt' came to visit. We asked him lots of questions so that we could learn more about him!

Look at some of the things we have been up to in continuous provision!

In geography we are learning about the seven continents of the world. Today we were learning about Europe!
We painted a self portrait!

Each class have done some self portraits which are on display in the main corridor.

Well done Iguana class, good behaviour choices earned us 25 points and a class treat! The children voted to have food, so we decorated biscuits using pattern ideas we had done in art.

We found out about mammals, we pretended to be some different animals.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

Bear Hunt Mat_Small.mp4

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Bear Hunt Read Web_Small.mp4

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We're Going on an Iguana Hunt!

Learning Challenges