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Follow Our Learning 2019

We have been learning about life in the bailey and all the different jobs people did there.
We role-played the stable boys and girls taking care of the horses; the fletchers making and repairing the bows and arrows; the blacksmiths making and repairing swords and shields; the brewers making the beer and the servants sewing and caring for the children.

Science Week - Investigating which materials are waterproof

We carried out an experiment to see which materials would provide a soft landing for Humpty Dumpty! 

We found the egg cracked when it landed on plastic and wood but landed safely on the fabric and metal. Through discussion, we decided that the reason the egg cracked on the plastic and wood was because these are hard surfaces and felt it landed safely on the fabric because it is soft. We were confused why it did not break on the hard surface of metal.


We discussed how the egg could have landed on the top part of the egg which is the most crack resistant or how the metal could have been thinner and more cushioned from the carpet than the other materials.


We discussed how we could do the experiment again to see if the results were any different.

We practised finding numbers to 50 on a hundred square!

Here are some of the things we found on our spring walk!

We found daffodils, puddles and a bird's nest as signs that spring has (just) arrived!
As part of our learning in history, we role-played some of the different rooms in the castle's keep. 
We were guards training in the guard's room; servants cooking in the kitchen; knights praying in the chapel; Lords and Ladies feasting and being entertained by the court jester in the Grand Hall and we rested and looked after the children in the Lord and Lady's chamber.

What is Pink? By Christina Rosseti

Read by Iguana Class

What is Pink?

We worked hard using lots of skills to make our castles!

It's snowing!

David Attenborough sent us a signed photograph!

Number Day 2020

Dressed as Rock Stars

Number Poems

Making Numbers from everyday materials

Using Book Creator to make Jasper Johns style pictures

Building words in continuous provision!

Making paper chain number bonds to 10 in continuous provision

We went on a number hunt to find pairs of numbers to 10!

In geography, we took a walk around the local area of our school to look for human and physical features.

Listening to Santa read T'was the Night Before Christmas Live from the North Pole!)

Getting ready to perform for the Christmas Play!

Outdoor maths - teen numbers!

Arts Week

Moving Pages in Design & Technology

Ellen MacArthur

Walking my Iguana Brian Moses.mp3

Listen to our performance of the poem.

We are learning about penguins. We investigated their height, their food and the way daddy penguins balance the egg on their feet.

Odd socks day for Friendship Week.

Our story of the 'Somethingosaur' is about a baby dragon looking for his Mummy, we played a game of hide and seek linked to this!

We went outside to look at the signs of Autumn around our school grounds.

We made Indian Barfi Sweets for Diwali.

We have been learning about David Attenborough. Look at some of our amazing writing!

Filming David Attenborough for his new series!


Still image for this video

Keeping Fit With Joe Wicks

Kind words about our penguin drawings (Antibullying Week)

We have been learning about the seven continents.

Still image for this video
Do you like our song?

Dressed for Antarctic exploring!

Working hard in Learning Challenges!

Learning the names of the alphabet letters

We wrote to Bob the Bear with some questions ... and he wrote back!

Charles Darwin Discoveries