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Bemma came to visit our school. She was born in Africa and told us all about what life is like there.  We played the drums, sang African songs, had a go at African dancing, listened to African stories, used mud to create art and lots more!  

Picture 1 Drumming with Bemma
In Maths we have been learning how to give instructions to the Bee Bots as part of our position and direction unit.
Picture 1 Busy Bees!
Picture 2 Where will the Bee Bot go?
Picture 3 Planning a route for the Bee Bot
Superhero day was great!  We all had fun!  The children enjoyed learning how to do super sewing, created amazing superhero masks, made sparkly slime and had lots of fun outside on the super assault course!  Great job everyone!  Another successful event!
Picture 1 Super sparkly slime! Yuk!
Picture 1 Busy learning how to super sew!
Picture 1 Fun with the parachute outside in the sun!
Picture 1 Look at the concentration on her face!
Science week was fun!  We carried out lots of fun experiments throughout the week and enjoyed the whole school Science week exhibition. 
Picture 1 Having fun with static electricity!
Picture 1
World Book Day 2019
Picture 1 Making a vehicle for Traction Man.
Picture 2 Busy junk modelling.
Picture 1 Dog Boy was there to keep everyone under control!
Picture 2 The adults had fun too!
Picture 3 Luckily, Little Red Riding Hood didn't get eaten!
Chinese New Year Challenges - look at the concentration on their faces!smiley
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Recycling workshop.

Recycling workshop. 1 New things made from old!
Recycling workshop. 2 Recycled fabric
Recycling workshop. 3
Recycling workshop. 4
Recycling workshop. 5
Recycling workshop. 6 Meet Mrs Compost! (Great job Skye!)
Picture 1 A real life super hero came to visit!
Picture 2 He even brought his super van!
Picture 3 Oh dear Miss Honeybun!
Picture 1 Miss Saleem is a STAR!
Picture 2 Look at our Caribbean crafts...
Picture 3
Picture 1 Lovely smiles girls!
Picture 2 Great job Maddison

Mrs Girn taught us how to make chapatis!

Mrs Girn taught us how to make chapatis! 1
Mrs Girn taught us how to make chapatis! 2 Thank you Mrs Girn!
ASDA visits
We all really enjoyed our class visits to Asda.  We got a sneaky look at what goes on in the parts of the store that we aren't normally allowed to see!  
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Picture 5
Picture 1 The smell in the bakery was delicious!

Beautiful butterflies


In Science we have been learning about animals and life cycles.  

A small plastic container was delivered to school a few weeks ago containing five hairy caterpillars.

We watched them grow and eventually build cocoons around themselves.

Then we waited and waited and waited...until, in the middle of a lesson, they emerged one by one!

It was amazing to watch!  We were very lucky to be there and we are so pleased they didn't wait until we had gone home!



Picture 1 We released our butterflies in the sensory garden.
Picture 2 They were very well camouflaged!