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Take a look to see if you won a certificate this week!  

Super effort this week in the TT Rockstars battles. We had a boys Vs girls battle in each class. See the results below! laugh
Spelling Shed Awards - 19.6.20
AMAZING effort from Year 2 to win this weeks battle against Year 3! Take a look at our awesome score! laugh
Spelling Shed Awards - 12.6.20
Well done to Turtle Class for winning this weeks TT battle. laugh There is currently a new battle between Year 2 and Year 3. Lets see if we can beat them! 
Spelling Shed Awards - 5.6.20
Well done to Chameleon class for winning this weeks TT Rockstars battle. It was nice to see some new names logging on and challenging themselves! yes 
Spelling Shed Awards - 22.5.20
Well done to Turtle class for winning the latest battle of the classes! Especially to Gurtirath who scored a huge 15,935 points. yeslaugh
Spelling Shed Awards - 15.5.20
Spelling Shed awards - 8.5.20
Chameleon Class are the TT Rockstars winners this week! Well done to everyone who took part. 
Spelling Shed Awards - 1.5.20

Well done to Chameleon Class who have won the TT Rockstars Battle. It was much closer this week, with only 1382 points in it! A huge well done to the 'Most Valuable' players this week, their personal scores were huge! Madison scored 4973 points and Gurtirath scored 4941 points, amazing effort - well done! The battle is on for next week...

Spelling Shed Awards - 24.4.20
Spelling Shed Awards - 17.4.20
Spelling Shed Awards - 10.4.20
TT Rockstars Most Valuable Players - 3.4.20
Spelling Shed Awards - 3.4.20