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Autumn Term 2018

This term, our main priority is to fundraise in order to purchase a new defibrillator for our school community. We are currently talking to our classes about ideas of ways to raise the money that also help keep everybody fit and healthy.


Our school council team is also looking forward to updating the 'Author of the Term' display in the school library.

Our School Council

What is a school council?

A school council is group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.


What does the school council do?

The school council meets (with a teacher present) to discuss any problems or suggest possible improvements to our school. Such things could include behaviour, lunchtimes or equipment.

Members of the school council are responsible for carrying out surveys, talking to children and staff in order to carry out the ideas that have been agreed.



This page will be updated once the school council has agreed upon their focuses for the coming term.


School Council members from:

Stenson Fields Primary Community School


Buster Lodge & Jennifer Stills



Paige Buxton & Tyler Baldwin



Rajan Khatkar & Alfie Paige



Lucie Martin & Ricardo Montgomery-Blake



Zahra Sherazi & Simran Sidhu



Faith Odell & Felicia Montgomery-Blake