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Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short-term intervention designed for children aged five or six, who need extra help with their reading and writing after the first year of school. The intervention involves intensive one-to-one lessons, for thirty minutes a day, for up to twenty weeks.  These lessons take place with Mrs Monk, who has received specialised training in early literacy. The lessons are different for every child, based on what the child already knows and what they need to learn next. The point of each lesson is to understand messages in reading and compose messages in writing.  The children learn how to pay attention to the detail of words and sentences without losing the meaning of message they are reading or writing.


Reading Recovery has taken place at Stenson Fields since 2004.  During that time many children have benefitted from the Reading Recovery programme.  All of these children made excellent progress with their reading and writing.

Children who have received Reading Recovery have caught up with children of their school year at the end of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Some Key Stage 2 pupils have achieved Level 5 in the end of Key Stage 2 SATS!


We also run Fischer Family Trust interventions, which is another short term intervention for children who need some extra individual help with their reading and writing. The lessons are for 20 minutes a day for up to twenty weeks with a trained Teaching Assistant.  Children who have benefited from this intervention also catch up with their peers.


2015 sees the launch of ‘Switch-on’. This is a Literacy intervention programme developed by Nottinghamshire County Council for children in Year 3. We are lucky enough to be involved in the Research Project being funded by the Education Endowment Fund.